Hello and welcome to Julie’s Farm Table. I fell in love with whole foods as a young girl picking blueberries from my grandfather’s garden. Early exposure to the beauty of all things good and green sparked a passion in me for true food.  Explore my modern collection of healthy recipes and everyday essentials inspired by urban gardening practices, farmers markets and traditional hunting and fishing experiences from around the world.


After recovering from an eating disorder over 10 years ago, I received my bachelors degree in psychology and professional certificate in optimum health, wellness and sports nutrition. Fueled by a passion for wholeness I began to take a more serious approach to the relationship between food, self-image, and athletic performance. With two young children and professional responsibilities as a health educator, elite fitness trainer, and sought after public speaker on issues related to fitness, nutrition and body image my life is always on-the-go, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not one to sway with popular nutrition trends I remain loyal to the belief that whole foods sourced locally and eaten consciously offer the nutrients and energy our bodies need to fuel the “Good Life.”

Comments are always welcome, so long as they are kind. I’m sure you understand. Please feel free to contact me for questions or inquiries. All photos are taken by me, Julie, unless otherwise noted. I use a Canon 7d. Farm photos are courtesy of Bradie Kvinsland, of Bradie K. Photography.

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